Ethically Produced Buddha Statues & Ornaments inc. Indian, Thai & Chinese Fat Laughing Buddhas

Carved wooden Buddha StatueEthically Produced Buddha Statues and Ornaments.

We have a large selection of ethically produced Buddha ornaments & Buddha statues including Indian and Thai Buddhas plus Chinese Buddhas often referred to as Laughing, Happy, Fat or Smiling Buddhas. Our Buddha Statues are made from a range of materials & come in different finishes we have cold cast bronze Buddhas, carved wooden Buddha statues & cast resin Buddhas.

  • Buddhas make a great gifts as they are considered to bring luck, good health & prosperity.

Also available are related Buddhist items & gifts including books on Buddhism, singing bowls and prayer beads.

The Buddha was born in India more than 2500 years ago, but his influence has spread throughout the modern world. "The Buddha" literally means "The Enlightened One". The Buddha taught that through the cultivation of compassion & wisdom all of human beings can grow and fulfill their highest potential.


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