Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottles & Hot Water Bottle Covers

From Fashy, leading manufacturer of Hot Water Bottles comes this unrivaled collection of designs that safely provide warmth and well-being for everyone.

Classic, ribbed & plain hot water bottles as well as covered and novelty designs including fleece, velour, knitted, pure wool and faux fur covers in a range of colours & shapes including romantic heart shape and children's novelty shapes, covers and animal designs.

All Fashy bottles are manufactured in Germany to British Standard BS1970:2006 with an integrally moulded  joint-less neck & extra large 29mm fill aperture preventing spillages. They are made from an odourless, recyclable thermo-plastic material which is suitable for latex allergy sufferers, resistant to boiling water, can be steam sterilized, fade proof & can also be cooled or frozen.

For every Fashy product sold, funds go to help support a school project in Sierra Leone. Read more on Fashy and World Vision.


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