Retro Phones, Old Fashioned & Old Style Dial Telephones

Retro Phones - Reproduction and Vintage Telephones.

Telephones were far more interesting back in the mid-late 20th century. Although they didn't have many features they are now considered to be design classics perfect for lovers of retro-chic or those searching for original gifts. Our classic telephone reproductions by Wild & Wolf and ProTelX put many of today's inelegant handsets to shame.
And for the truly nostalgic amongst us we have original 1970s rotary dial GPO telephones. All brand new original casings re-wired for the modern BT network.

  • These classic vintage style and old fashioned phones come in a variety of colours including black, white, chrome, red, green, cream and even orange pink or purple, suitable for any home decor & functioning perfectly with your existing land line. Our retro phones work in UK & europe, please purchase Euro Lead for outside UK.



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